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Designing Apps for Elderly Smartphone Users


There are some vital things that mobile app developers should consider while working on a product for elderly people…

Using Color Schemes in Mobile UI Design


The competition in the mobile app marketplace is high, and app developers try to grab any opportunity to make their solutions shine. A good color scheme can give advance an app in the store…

Things You Should Consider Before Launching Game Development Project


People play mobile games every day, but only a small number of these games can become really successful. Game developers should take into account some factors before starting a new project..

Top 8 Mobile Apps for Tax Returns


When tax season is near at hand everyone tries to be well prepared for reporting taxes. Here there's a chance to make the process faster, using some free financial apps for calculating taxes, preparing tax returns and tracking refunds.

Theory of NL Sentiment analysis


An algorithm of natural language processing sentiment analysis consists of two basic steps: procedure for document preprocesses (natural language understanding), detection of sentiment information (natural language processing)